+19 Indoor Plants Low Light Ideas

+19 Indoor Plants Low Light Ideas. From peace lily to anthurium, take a look at the 23 best indoor plants that do wonderful in low light. Indoor plants for low light.

10 Best Low Light Indoor Plants that Are Easy to Care for! from www.joyusgarden.com

Like a vine, this smaller relative of the monstera deliciosa is capable of both hanging and climbing. This climbing plant looks wonderful trailing along bookcases or up moss poles around the darker corners of your home. Grown in either water or soil, lucky bamboo plants can be found in many offices and.

This Means You Can Still Embrace Mother Nature By Selecting.

Do this to encourage rooting before you plant it in the soil. If you are not sure what kind of light you have, consider this: Heartleaf philodendron needs high humidity and frequent watering.

Burpee Snake Indirect Medium Light Easy Care Live House Indoor Planter Or Plant Stand.

It shares the swiss cheese plant nickname with its cousin monstera deliciosa, which is a much more popular houseplant. Grow snake plants in any room with any light levels! How to enjoy low light indoor plants — no green thumb required.

Amaryllis Can Grow In A Wide Range Of Light Conditions, From Full Sunlight To Full Shade.

The plant also purifies indoor air while looking elegant in the corners! Like a vine, this smaller relative of the monstera deliciosa is capable of both hanging and climbing. Philodendron is an easy to care for houseplant that requires very little light.

Place The Plant In Front Of The Eastern Or Western Window Receiving Bright And Indirect Sunlight All Year Round.

This houseplant is a member of the dracaena genus. This low light flowering indoor plant is highly adaptable, easy to care for, and will thrive in very low light homes and offices. Pant it in a container with a good drainage hole using medium potting soil.

Commonly Sold In Vases Of Water, Lucky Bamboo Are Perfect Indoor Plants For Low Light Rooms.

Water these plants only when top 1 inch of the soil feels dry. You can also grow a corn plant, dumb cane, and areca palms in indoors spaces with very little light away from windows. Spathiphyllum wallisii (peace lily) the peace lily, or spathiphyllum, shows off beautiful white leaves or bracts, that look like blooms.

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