Great Dracaena Plant Outdoors References

Great Dracaena Plant Outdoors References. Its leaves grow up to 24” (60 cm) long and 3” (7.5 cm) wide. This plant can grow as much as 6 feet in height when grown as a potted plant.

Dracaena Marginata Red Belle's Corner Plantita from

Initiate a survey of your backyard or outside area. They are hardy plants that can survive in a variety of locations. Tips for planting dracaena plants outdoors.

The Foliage Is Very Waxy And Shiny Indeed, And It Has.

Often mistaken for dracaena, cordyline occurs in a wider range of foliage colors including pink, coral, and purple. Adaptable and totally lush, dracaena fragrans, commonly known as the corn plant is. Dracaena is a tropical house plant that won’t withstand frost.

This Growth Habit Also Makes Them Look A Lot Like Palm Trees, Which Is Why.

The snake plant dracaena trifasciata grows best at average room temperature. However, growth will slow down when it dips below 55°f (12°c). In the slower months, you should water the dracaena every 4 weeks.

In Outdoor Settings Where It Is Hardy (Zones 10 To 12), It Has Been Known To Grow To 20 Feet.

Learn more about growing dracaena plants outside in this article. Its leaves grow up to 24” (60 cm) long and 3” (7.5 cm) wide. Cordyline roots are white, while dracaena roots are yellow or orange.

They Do Not Like Direct Sunlight And Will Scorch If They Are In Full Sun For Too Long.

Zone 9 can be a little dangerous in the winter months. The plant is best known for its lime green leaves which makes it stand out in any houseplant collection. Dracaena deremensis is a widely cultivated species with many excellent named cultivars.

Excessive Sunlight And Cold Temperatures Can Damage Dracaenas, So It Is Important To Carefully Choose The Location And Time Of Year.

With the above information in mind, i only recommend planting a dracaena outside if the temperature stays consistently warm. A pot with draining holes would be ideal in this situation, but if you don't have one, just water it a little bit less. Dracaena plants are nontoxic to humans.

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