Great Alocasia Plant Varieties References

Great Alocasia Plant Varieties References. Here are some of the popular varieties of alocasia plants: The alocasia black velvet is another stunning variety with a unique foliage design.

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Check the roots for root rot while you repot. Black velvet alocasia loves humidity and warmth. Tall at full maturity so add a unique structure to any shaded garden bed with their thick petioles giving a weight to the leaves that is unusual in most other forms of alocasia.

The Plant Features Green, Glossy Leaves And Enjoys Bright, Indirect Light And Evenly Moist Soil.

It’s the perfect plant for small spaces! They are one of the larger varieties of alocasia, growing to 7.5 ft. The undersides of the leaves are equally attractive, that is, cream with bold.

Also Known As Alocasia Cuprea, The Red Secret Is Known For Its Signature Light Shades Of Red And Pink Colors Displayed On Its Leaves, Creating A Very Tropical And Almost Passionate Mood When Displayed In A Room.

The shapes of alocasia leaves are quite interesting. 97 known alocasia plant varieties are native to eastern australia, subtropical and tropical asia. The best times to repot alocasia plants are spring and summer.

The Alocasia Amazonica Can Grow Up To 3 Feet Tall, With Leaves That Can Grow Up To 2 Feet.

Also, certain varieties of the plant are prone to spider mites. The alocasia cuprea red secret is another plant that is quite unique and sets itself apart from other alocasia varieties. Check the roots for root rot while you repot.

Black Velvet Alocasia Is A Rare Compact Variety Of Alocasia Because It Rarely Gets Over 18 Inches Tall And Wide.

Alocasia is a genus of elephant ear plants that belong to the family of araceae. Colocasia varieties vary in size from 8 inches to over 9 feet. One of the most popular and exotic houseplants, the amazonica is a cross between alocasia longiloba and alocasia sanderiana and looks simply fabulous!

The Alocasia Black Velvet Is Another Stunning Variety With A Unique Foliage Design.

It is characterized by dark green leaves. This plant can reach over 3. Alocasia ‘bambino’ has deep green, arrowhead leaves with silvery green veins and purple undersides.

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